Rich Media Ad

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Definition: Rich Media Ad

Rich media Ad involves a high degree of user interaction through images and videos. It is an internet advertising term for a webpage ad that uses advanced technology such as online video streaming, downloadable applets or programs that interact instantly with the users.

Rich media ads have engagement rates of more than three times compared to traditional ads. The initial load of rich media is 40K or more. Rich Media Ad offers more than text ad or standard display ad to engage an audience with an advertisement. Rich media provides opportunity for the advertisers to differentiate from its competitors by offering much more dynamic elements and a richer user experience.

Rich media allows the agencies to create complex ads that elicit strong user response. Using flash, HTML 5 or Web 2.0 ads can place multiple levels of content such as videos, games, tweets from ads etc to better engage customers.

The main reasons why rich media ads are favored now a days because

1. Adds value to marketing campaigns.

2. Enhances user’s experience.

3. Target audience demands it

4. Helps to stay ahead from its competitors by differentiating


Movie ad that includes a streaming video sample of a scene from the main movie


Hence, this concludes the definition of Rich Media Ad along with its overview.


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