Sales Campaign

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Definition: Sales Campaign

This is the implementation of the full sales force in a particular area or sales territory to promote a product aimed at particular customer target segment. Successful sales campaigns begin with untested leads and end up with customer acquisitions.

The basic elements of a sales campaign are:

Leads: The names and contact information gathered through channels such as direct mail, advertising trade shows, networking, public relations, referrals, business directories, trade, and professional groups or acquired lists.

Introductory letters to establish familiarity; it can involve explaining how the contact number was obtained, describing some features of the product/ service; some earlier customers or ongoing relationships and a promise to follow-up.

Cold calls are unscheduled and can be a good way of establishing contact and qualifying prospects. An effort should be made to understand the prospect’s needs and an appointment should be set.

Literature is mailed to all those prospects who appear interested. Questions should be asked to understand the most appropriate material to be sent. Important sections can be highlighted. A follow up can be set up.

Appointments promote face-to-face meetings and sales presentations. Efforts should be made to ask questions as to how the product can be customised for each client.

Follow-ups help in getting a feedback and rectifying any issues. Every phone call and meeting should be followed up and recorded. Discussions should be reviewed with the client and the next step decided.

After-sale communication helps in gathering repeat business. It is important to ensure that customers are happy with the service. They should be constantly updated with the latest product offerings so that customer loyalty is maintained.

The customer relationship management (CRM) software can help in the automation of each step in the sales cycle. This software is becoming increasingly affordable due to the advent of cloud computing and pay-as-you-use models.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Campaign along with its overview.


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