Seasonal Industry

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Definition: Seasonal Industry

In this case, the marketing is influenced by the season, whether it is the actual season such as spring, summer, winter or fall; or business season such as back-to-school or the holiday season. It can be seen in industries such as travel and hospitality, also in clothing and fashion. A marketing campaign must be created well ahead of the peak season. A reverse timeline can be charted out, starting from the kick-off for the peak season. All the marketing campaigns can be scheduled in accordance with this timeline. A budget can be decided and staffing needs worked out. It is possible that extra hands may be required during the peak season and contract labour may have to be hired.

If the business is not seasonal, piggybacking of advertising campaigns can be tried out for cost savings. There can be a standard advertising campaign which can be run throughout the year with tweaks or modifications depending upon the season. Even during the nonpeak season, the brand should be kept fresh in the minds of the customer through advertising. Money can be saved through less advertising and promotional activity, but brand recognition should continue to be promoted so that instant attention can be drawn to the seasonal campaign when it is launched.

The key to handling seasonal activities lies in the timing. It should not be too early and not too late, else it will not have the desired impact. Advertising in the off-peak season may seem unproductive because majority of the sales take place during the peak season. However, proper budgeting and resource allocation in terms of sales force and time can help the company reap maximum profits.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Seasonal Industry along with its overview.


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