Qualitative Market Research

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Definition: Qualitative Market Research

An unstructured, non statistical and exploratory research methodology is based on small sample sizes that provide insights and understanding of problem settings. It gives a qualitative understanding of underlying reasons and motivations.

The research utilizes popular qualitative techniques such as focus groups through group interviews, word association by asking the respondents to indicate their first preferences to stimulus words, and depth interviews which are one to one interviews that probe the respondents’ thoughts in detail. There are other forms of exploratory research techniques that are pilot surveys and case studies which are employed in order to gain insights in detail.

Qualitative research seeks to build a narrative about the issue; qualitative research tries to understand the reasons why something is the way it is. It is more naturalistic or anthropological, whereas quantitative research is more scientific

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A qualitative research method called "focus group" is sometimes used to reduce the risk of researcher bias. In a focus group interview, several potential customers are interviewed at once to gain their valuable insights and opinions on a particular subject or item. This is helpful in gaining insights before a product launch to understand Researchers may conduct the focus groups by interviewing them or by observing the groups converse about an issue. This method could be used to find out what people think about a product or an advertisement.


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