Out-Of-Box Experience

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Definition: Out-Of-Box Experience

Out-of-box experience refers to a consumer’s first impressions of a product at the moment when it is taken out of the packaged box. It is mainly used in computer and software technology industries but is also applicable to many other consumer-facing sales. An out-of-box experience or OOBE as is it is usually called, starts with simple aesthetics i.e. how the product looks when it taken out of the box, how easy is it to remove the product from the box, how professional it looks, and extends to basic usage. A positive OOBE means that consumers not under stress or frustrated while working on the product.


Companies are increasingly focusing on products’ out-of-box experience, both to promote their brand and reduce costs in the long run. Many companies hire specialists to design packaging for certain line of products. Out-of-box experience design usually considers every minute detail like the thickness of shrink wrap, responsiveness of the touchscreen etc.


Consumers despise the products that they cannot open, cannot use, or cannot make work. This generally happened with computer products. If a user finds the licensing agreements and installation wizards on a software program confusing then he is likely to have a negative image of the brand. He will even spread negative word of mouth; this situation can be explained with a term “out-of-box failure.”


Depending on the severity of the problem, a consumer may also call for technical support or return the product outright. Both of these options cost the manufacturer therefore companies often try to lessen unnecessary costs in these areas by investing in the out-of-box experience.


For example: Customers like the chocolates whose wrapper can be torn easily instead of the ones whose wrapper is too tough to get rid of. Or the computer accessories that are provided with an operation manual have a better acceptance rate than others.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Out-Of-Box Experience along with its overview.

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