Account Executive

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Definition: Account Executive

An account executive is a person or a team of people who are primarily in-charge of a client of the company. The client can be an individual or an entire corporate. This term can be used in different verticals, like an account executive in a brokerage firm will have a financial client. The term can also be used for a sales person handling a particular client. Any decision regarding the client is made by the account executive on behalf of the company.

In marketing terms, every sales person handles an account. An account refers to a particular client. For a successful sales process completion, the sales person has to understand his account, follow up with it, and hold constant meetings to understand the customer and try servicing his needs. In this process a lot of people apart from the sales team are involved. The one person or team of people who are the primary in-charge of this account is the Account Executive.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Account Executive along with its overview.


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