Program Length Commercial

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Definition: Program Length Commercial

A program length commercial is an advertisement that lasts for the length of a program and not the normal under one minute video. Such commercials cannot be addressed as advertisements as they are more focussed on conveying information and can be termed as infomercials. The program length commercials last for generally 10-30 minutes.

Such commercials are now in vogue with videos being uploaded on youtube and probably turning viral if it is attractive enough. Previously, with television as the only modes of telecasting a program length commercials, such infomercials were not abundant as getting TV space for so long is not economically viable. But with videos trending on youtube, marketers are able to upload videos which are more than just a 30 second advertisement and helps in communicating much more about the company’s value through a lengthy video.

Exampls: examples of program length commercials can be the Dove, Be Beautiful commercial, Lifebuoy, Gondappa commercial etc. These videos are time from 7 to 10 minutes, but convey a much more strong meaning, not directly promoting the product, but promoting the qualities of the product and the attributes of the company.

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