Ultimate Consumer

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Definition: Ultimate Consumer

Ultimate consumer generally refers to an individual (such as a housewife or the customer who actually purchases the product), who actually makes use of the product. Here we must make the difference between customer and consumer. A consumer is someone who makes use of the purchased product (for its intended use) as opposed to a customer (who is simply the buying or purchasing agent).

The ultimate consumer is the one who actually makes use of the product. Marketers often try and identify the ultimate consumer to target advertising efforts towards them as they are often the key influencers for the product purchase. The decision maker is the buying agent and often has no actual use for the product

For example, Water Bottle is often purchased by the mother (the decision maker/purchasing agent), whereas the actual use of the same is made by the school going child (the key influencer/consumer). The mother may purchase a bottle of the colour and design the child wants, hence the child is the key influencer.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Ultimate Consumer along with its overview.


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