Image Attributes

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Definition: Image Attributes

Image attributes are the perceptional attributes of a brand, especially the ones that differentiate it from its competitors- like personality, style manner and tone.

When a new product is being developed it is important to have an understanding of what our goal is and how we want our brand to be seen or portrayed as. A brands personality and tone is conveyed through its positioning statement, its communication to the consumer in the form of advertisements, its packaging and its endorsers.

For example, Dove has the personality of a calm composed self-confident women and the tone of Dove is soft and real. This is communicated in its white packaging, its simple advertisements and the powerful messages it conveys through campaigns like Be Beautiful. On the other hand Lux has the personality of a vibrant, dazzling woman and the tone of Lux is extravagant and glamorous. This is communicated in its bright colourful packaging and its celebrity endorsers like Katrina Kaif.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Image Attributes along with its overview.

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