Consumption Audience

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Definition: Consumption Audience

Consumption audience refers to a brand’s target audience or consumers who are considered financially able to afford the particular brand. The concept of a consumption audience is of paramount importance because it allows the company or brand to decide the business and marketing strategy for the product or service.

The consumption audience for a new Audi car is very different from that of a Tata Nano.

Any brand charting out its communication strategy must first identify its consumption audience before deciding on the right media vehicle and resource allocation. For example, a Tag Heuer would promote its watches not in regional newspapers but in high-end magazines whose readers can be considered part of the consumption audience for its products. Insertions in regional newspapers may not be very effective because although they would improve brand awareness, there may not be any positive response in the purchasing action towards the brand.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Consumption Audience along with its overview.

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