Teaser Ad

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Definition: Teaser Ad

A teaser Ad is used as a frontrunner of an advertising campaign and reveals only a little about the product thus generating widespread attention and curiosity among audience and leads to a full-fledged campaign about a new product or some important event. The purpose of such ads is to build excitement around the product and increase customer expectations through curiosity. Teaser ads should be widely publicized through all media vehicles to grab the customer attention. It is a way to break the clutter and get noticed. They are particularly effective for low-association brands, or new products. It can be done to change the brand image perception, reposition the brand or spreading awareness among customers.

For example-


A teaser ad by Maruti for its new Swift which is being launched in the market as improvised and transformed. This ad shows an element of suspense and generates curiosity among customers about the looks of the new model.


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