Waste Circulation

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Definition: Waste Circulation

Waste circulation can be described as advertising in an area or location where the product or service is not readily available or does not have any potential for sales. It can also refer to people in the advertiser's audience who are not potential consumers for some reason. The readers of a publication or any newspaper who are not prospects for the product or service which is being advertised come under this. Placing advertisements before readers who do not have the potential to purchase the product is wasting your advertising budget.

In newspaper advertising, this is known as wasted circulation. Thus, it is important to carefully assess where your target audience is and invest accordingly in promoting to them. It is very important to minimize waste circulation as paying money for promoting the product outside your target audience would not fetch sales. For example-promotion of baby products in front of youngsters


Hence, this concludes the definition of Waste Circulation along with its overview.


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