Reverse Marketing

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Definition: Reverse Marketing

When customer seeks the firm rather than the marketers, it is called Reverse Marketing. By the means of traditional advertising such as print media advertisements, online media and television Ad it can be achieved. Sellers targeting the right type of customers is the main focus of traditional marketing, whereas in reverse marketing customer approaches potential sellers who will be able to provide them the product. This requires imaginative & aggressive approach as the purchaser makes the initiative to make the proposal.

Key features to Reverse Marketing:

• Find out what’s more important for the customers

• Give a reason to the customers to buy the product

• Provide the value of the product to the customer before closing the sale

Main aim of people using reverse marketing is to improve the company's brand or image in compare to only raising awareness about the product. By redirecting attention toward the business rather than the product thus creating customer loyalty. In order to avoid “coercive” marketing service providers use reverse marketing. Coercive marketing is when the seller initiates the customer to change his looks for any particular reason. For example: People who don’t go for spa can be considered less attractive than others. Whereas using reverse marketing the spa centres should tell customers that they are already attractive and the spa only will add glamour to their beauty. This message will help to boost confidence of the customer and create a positive association with the spa, thus improving the like hood that the customer will choose the spa herself. Steps for reverse marketing

• The 1st step is to make an honest assessment of the company's current image in order to connect the customers’ needs to the company’s offerings

• gather useful data about customer desire and behaviour will lead to a more successful campaign

• Build trust so that the customer will repeat purchase

• To test the effectiveness of the campaign


Hence, this concludes the definition of Reverse Marketing along with its overview.

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