Trade Magazine

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Definition: Trade Magazine

It is a professional magazine or trade rag that is published with the intention of targeting a particular type of trade or industry. Trade press is the collective term for this area of publishing. Trade magazines is contents is more centred on the different issues and questions being raised in the industry and very less on general-audience advertising. It is dissemination of information related to a particular industry.

For many readers the highest interest for the trade magazine can be for the specific job notices related to the industries. Sometimes the publisher decides on distributing the free subscriptions of the trade magazines under controlled circulation based on each individual's qualification. Thus this add to higher level of certainty that advertisements will be received by the advertiser's target audience. It is the magazine that is published for and read by the member belonging to the same trade group. It even craters to a specific industry or trade, such as retailing, fashion, fabrics and architecture. This is also known as trade journal.

It adds to trade publicity and unlike to other publicity it only attracts people who belong to the same trade. The information’s covered in the magazine might not be of much interest to the general public but will be very important to the people who work in the same field. For example: People interested in entertainment will issue Entertainment Weekly rather than The Week.







Very colourful ,Glossy Eye-catching paper, with models or celebrity pictures or current situations on cover page

Glossy cover pages depicting some industry related information’s

Plain mostly black and white


Entertainment seekers

Members of a specific business, industry or organization

researchers and professors


Current issues related to personalities, politics and country

industry trends, new products or techniques, and organizational news


research projects and seminars





all or most are trade related

few or none


TIME, The Week

APA Monitor

Journal of Applied Psychology

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