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Definition: Qualifying

It is the process of determining if a certain lead i.e. a potential customer, have certain characteristics such as authority, inclination to purchase, ability to purchase and economic size of the order expected in order to qualify him or her as a prospect. It is mainly important for business that deals with referral and cold calls. Qualifying helps to learn about your prospect, understand their needs so that the seller can determine how the product will meet those needs.

Pre-qualify customers can be contacted using the telephone as it is the most effective tool for time saving. To set up appointments and to screen potential customers covering a large geographic area the phone enables to play the odds. This process helps to move the lower-potential prospects to the bottom of the list and organize the call schedule. It is also important to have a number of different qualifying questions for each type of selling situation. It helps in understanding the customer's needs without mentioning the product. These specific question will help to understand whether the customer has a need for your product or is buying the product from a different supplier. Even some questions needs to be addressed by the seller:

Is the lead the authority and the decision maker?

Based on interviews of sales team and customers a personal analysis is required to ascertain the buying patterns of a typical customer and to develop a description of the target decision maker and also the stakeholders in the decision process. Then a content map for popular products needs to be developed.

Are your products required or will fit the needs of the customer?

Engage with the target group through social media and understand their desires.

Are the customers ready to buy now? Is it an urgent purchase product?

This can be tracked by the frequency of visits and length of stay

Can the leads afford the product?

It is very important to find out so that time and money is not waste on unqualified leads.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Qualifying along with its overview.


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