Web Personalization

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Definition: Web Personalization

Presentation of content on website in a manner that matches with the user’s taste and preferences is web personalization. It could be done by user himself by setting filters or selecting which pages to view but mostly it is done by tracking user activity and showing content relevant to him.

Examples of web personalization by websites:

• Intuit:

On first visit to Intuit website, there is an option of free e-book download which tells about the product. This book is matched with the needs of a first time visitor and is not pushing for sale. Post this if the user visit again he will not be interested in e-book and probably will ignore the page in absence of any further information. To tackle this, all the users who have downloaded the book are added to a list and on their next visit they are shown a link to blog. This has helped them increase click through rate by 10% and click to submission rate close to 100%

• Lynton and Hub spot:

When a visitor first arrives at this website they are shown content which is directed to educating the visitor and providing him all the information. There are no sales pushing. On subsequent visit the content is made more targeting with Call to Action like – Start project today etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Web Personalization along with its overview.

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