Accordion Insert

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Definition: Accordion Insert

This is a niche marketing and advertising style. An accordion is basically a musical instrument which produces various sound through a wind mechanism. The instrument has a peculiar structure which resembles parallel glides of paper stacked together. These glides can be pressed to be folded and pushed to be contracted which produces the sound. The following image shows an Accordion.

Several print advertising campaigns have used innovative ways to attract the attention of their target audience. A catchy crafting method is used to insert it in a print media (like the newspaper, magazines, greeting cards etc.). The motivation behind inserting an advertisement in accordion fold in a print media is that it catches the attention of readers as it is different from other contents present in the media.

A variant to simple accordion insert (where an advertisement is simply inserted) would be of adding innovative ways to the accordion folding style. After doing this when you open the print media, you may end up seeing a figure like flower, a house, or any other crafty thing which the advertiser wants to impress upon you propping up of the print media. This catches the attention of the reader and urges him/her to delve deep into the advertisement and probably creating a potential customer.

There are several variants to this style. One just needs to find it and use it when he/she is using advertising to catch people’s attention.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Accordion Insert along with its overview.


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