Brand Piracy

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Definition: Brand Piracy

Brand piracy is the phenomenon wherein a company which sells products makes consumers and other related parties to confuse with the original brand. The company which indulges in brand piracy wants to take advantage of other brand’s image in order to sell its own products. The piracy may be in the form of counterfeiting tag lines, logos, product, advertising, technology used and other things which give the original brand a distinct identity.

The company which indulges into brand piracy tries to make its product resemble the original brands product so that consumers assume it to be of the original brand and buy those. On the other hand, the consumers who want to be associated with a particular brand but want to buy it at cheaper rates usually go for such pirated products.

Brand piracy is an offense by law as it tries to steal the efforts of a brand which has put in lots of efforts and money to build its brand image. A company spends enormous amount of money and have spent so much time to build their brand. In addition to this, it tarnishes the brand image as the pirated products are usually bad in quality and there is no after sales service associated with these. Brands these days are putting a lot of efforts in order to keep brand piracy in check.


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