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Definition: Servicescape

Booms and Bitner developed the concept of servicescape. It emphasize on the impact of physical environment in service based industry. It helps in analysing the customer experience between a fast-food restaurant and a family run small restaurant provided the quality of food available in both the places are same the customer may perceive higher quality in the family run restaurant based on the environment in which the food(service) is provided.

Servicescape is the Actual physical environment where the service is performed, delivered and consumed. It is also the place where the firm and customer interact. It is considered to have an impact on customer response, particularly perceptions ,evaluation and assessment.

Elements of Servicescape

Elements can be both exterior and interior

Facility exterior

• Exterior design

• Singage

• Parking

• Landscape

• Surrounding environment


Facility interior

• Equipment

• Layout

• Air quality

• Music



Airlines-Airlane gate area,waiting area,Check-in-kiosks,Security screening area

Hospitals--Recovery room,Patient care room,Medical equipment


Factors influencing the design of servicescape

Complexity of the service

• Lean services

simple few elements, spaces and pieces of equipment for less complex services

eg.Hair cut,Mail

• Complex services

elaborate for more complex services

eg.Hotels ,Restaurants


• Self-service(customer only)—ATM,Golf course

• Interpersonal service(customer & employee)---Hotel,restaurant

• Remote service(employee only)---Insurance company

Servicescape can act as a differentiating factor in most of the service based businesses.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Servicescape along with its overview.


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