Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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Definition: Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A chief marketing officer (CMO) is a corporate executive who controls the marketing activities conducted by an organization. He/she is a part of the top management of an organisation with responsibilities spanning over all its geographic regions and product lines. It is the CMO’s responsibility to ensure that the company connects with target audiences, differentiates itself from competitors, and effectively achieves the set marketing and business objectives.

The CMO leads areas such as corporate branding, pricing, market research, product development, marketing channels, customer outreach, customer service and sales management. All these activities can be categorised as

a. Analytical tasks (such as pricing and market research)

b. Creative tasks (such as designing advertising and promotions)

c. Interpersonal tasks (such as coordinating different styles of thinking in one team)

The CMO needs to coordinate with heads of other departments, such as, but not limited to, production, information technology, corporate communications, documentation, public affairs, legal, human resources, and finance. He/she therefore can be called a nexus of information. Therefore, The CMO is also known as the Chief Influence Officer of the organisation. He or she must bring the company together as one voice. Further, the CMO must quickly react to the dynamic internal and external environment of the firm, and must accordingly shape the company's sales and marketing strategy.

Following is the Forbes’ list of “The World's Most Influential CMOs 2014”:



Hence, this concludes the definition of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) along with its overview.

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