Column Centimetre

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Definition: Column Centimetre

This refers to the measurement unit of advertising space which affirms to the standards followed throughout the world. It is the measure by which an advertising space is sold i.e. in newspapers, magazine, hoardings etc. where space is a critical issue. Column and centimetre are the measure of units of the width and depth of per unit space. The width of the column may change depending on the publication and the centimetre is the unit along the depth. Advertising space is given per unit of column centimetres.


The convention while quoting for an advertisement can be width x depth or depth x with. For e.g., an advertiser may quote 3 x 12 centimetres and if the convention being followed is width x depth then the advertiser would be allotted spaces accordingly. Similarly is the case for depth x width. There is a ambiguity which may arise in this case which is that if a person quotes according to width x depth and the convention being followed by the other person is depth x width it would lead to wrong communication. Thus, while quoting the convention being followed should be considered.


Now there is a concern which arises as to why the measurement being used is a column one and not traditional measurement like centimetres, meters etc. The reasoning for this is that the newspaper, magazines etc. are made-up in columns. Hence to allot spaces for advertising is convenient if they are done according to columns.


The advertising space in column centimetre is followed in India. In the US, it is column inch. The measures may change according to the measurement being followed in that part of the world.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Column Centimetre along with its overview.

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