Concept Optimization

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Definition: Concept Optimization

Concept optimization is a process which involves using of customer feedback – gathered by a qualitative research setting — as a means of narrowing and optimizing marketing concepts in an iterative fashion. The aim is to find out a surplus of benefit-based marketing concepts and the subsequently test them in written form prior to investing significantly for complete development or implementation activities. This process shall be used for a plethora of strategic purposes, ranging from messaging to positioning to new product development.

Customer need areas are utilized to provide a platform required for developing statements, which are written in order to express the core benefit in minutely different ways. These concepts are then presented to customers – one by one – to identify overall appeal and then probe specific areas of interest. After all the individual concepts are explored, these concepts are then compared with each other, to identify which among them is preferred the most and the reasons for it. This information is very important for refining and narrowing the entire list of ideas which we have for subsequent future development.


Let us understand the whole process using these steps

Objective -

To optimize concepts in “real time,” based on the collected target consumer input

Steps -

Conduct focus groups to perform research exposing the initial concepts in order to assess the concept appeal, target relevancy and differentiation

Specific concepts and messaging components are tested for relevance and distinctiveness and then prioritized accordingly

Concepts are modified, added or removed between groups, drawing on the target feedback

Reviewing and selecting the “winning” propositions on “real time” basis

Prepare detailed analysis report of qualitative research findings which includes weaknesses and strength of all concepts

Output -

A fixed number of consistently high-performing concepts

A report on Research findings of Focus Groups


Hence, this concludes the definition of Concept Optimization along with its overview.

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