Average Frequency

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Definition: Average Frequency

Frequency refers to the number of times a receiver is exposed to the same advertisement again i.e the number of times the same message is received repeatedly by the receiver. The frequency varies from every individual and also differs in various households.

The average frequency is calculated by the following formula:

Average Frequency = (Total exposure for all households) / Reach


Greater average frequency facilitates:

• Greater brand awareness

• Customer base expansion

• Increase in buyer’s interest for the product

Some products require higher average frequency and some require lower average frequency. The former is particularly useful when

• The message cannot be easily remembered

• The competition is very high

• To create greater impact i.e higher product sales is required in a limited time

• Points of differentiation is low from that of the competitor

The factors an organization keeps in mind while determining frequency are:

• Choice of the media to be taken. It depends on variety of factors like the number of people using the media and at what point of time are the number of people maximum. This will help the firm to get the maximum audience for their commercial. Usually medias like magazines accounts for more repeat exposure hence the frequency must be low in them

• The target group needs to be decided . If there are a lot of competitors the frequency needs to be increased. If the brand loyalty is high, the frequency needs not be increased to a large extent. If the brand is new ,it will require higher average frequency

• Message factors also matters. If the complexity is high, higher average frequency is required. On the other hand an excess increase in advertisements often leads to irritation on the part of the viewer. If the message is unique, then even if the frequency is low, the viewer remembers the message.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Average Frequency along with its overview.

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