Air Date

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Definition: Air Date

It’s the date when an advertisement is first broadcasted. This is not a random date. It is selected in accordance with the overall marketing campaign of the product. Some companies may want to air the ad when the product is already available in stores, while others may choose to air it at a time when the product is in the warehouse, ready to be shipped.

While some others may want to air the ad, get demand from retailers and then ship the product. For example, Coca-Cola recently launched the Coca-Cola zero in the Indian market. The product was already on shelves before the ad aired. While in case of big goods like expensive cars, the company may hold a stock at a location and eventually ship the stock when a substantial demand comes in. Air dates can make a huge difference to the brand’s campaign. If the brand is looking to generate brand awareness at a huge level within a small interval, the air date that falls on days that get maximum viewership would be preferred. Whereas if the brand wants to advertise an already established product, it may not necessarily look for heavy viewership/listenership. Air dates also depend of the type of product being advertised, the target market and the kind of marketing campaign.

For example, Apple’s ‘1984’ ad for the introduction of Macintosh PC was aired first on Dec 31, 1983 and then on the day of the Superbowl in Jan 1984. Both days that would get a considerable amount of viewership. Also since they were going to introduce the Macintosh in 1984, these dates were good to build audience’s anticipation.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Air Date along with its overview.

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