Buried Position

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Definition: Buried Position

It is the phenomenon where an advertisement is placed such that it is placed among several others reducing the likelihood of it being noticed or read.

The phenomenon of buried position takes places mainly in print media. It can occur when one of the following takes place:

1. Your ad is too similar to all the other ads,

2. Your ad is not too similar but it’s not very significant compared to the other ads,

3. There are simply too many ads to give attention to each one

Say that you have put an ad that is comparable in size, font, colours, content etc. to all the other ads, chances are that your ad will just camouflage and a consumer will look at just one ad and make up his mind. Or, it can be that your ad, by your standards does stand out, it has a different colour combination than any of the other ads, different font size, and different content but there is simply nothing special or attention grabbing about your ad (say a festive offer). Lastly, your ad might fulfil all the above criteria of a perfect ad yet be failed to get noticed because there are simply too many ads to browse on one page.

For example, imagine that you are from the marketing team of Super Electronics and decide to put an ad in the classified section of the newspaper about a new model of microwave oven. Your ad may be among many other microwave oven ads in particular or many electronics ads in general. There is a high probability hence that your ad might not be noticed among so many other ads. The consumer might find what he was looking for in the first ad he sees, even though you might have a better offer that matches with his needs more closely. Or, the consumer might just be too tired to browse through all the ads and just choose the first one he looks at. In both the scenarios, your ad did not get notices and in a way got buried under all other ads.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Buried Position along with its overview.

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