Back Door Selling

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Definition: Back Door Selling

It is a manner of asking well-crafted questions to the buyer so that the sales person can gain adequate knowledge about the buyer’s interests about the product /service being offered wand it can also give them an advantage of engaging the buyers fully towards them. These questions are addressed to engineering, information systems, marketing, line managers, warehouse workers and HR.


Sellers are taught to frame these questions so that the persons being asked unwittingly answer these questions without knowing that their answers are giving the sellers an advantage.


There have been some preventive measures where a consumer can avoid back door selling. Here they can learn how suppliers can use back door selling by asking simple and innocent questions and what shall be the preventive measures to be taken to avoid them.

Some back door selling questions can be as follows:

a) What are your first priorities from our service or product?

b) Who’s our competition?

c) How we stand up against our competition?

d) What’s your budget? How firm is that budget?

e) What don’t you like about your current supplier?

Some companies like Honeywell, Rockwell, Lockheed Martin, Philips, Bristol- Myers Squibb, Texas Instruments, Kimberly Clark and many others in North America and Europe arrange workshops to train people how to take preventive measures for back door selling.

It helps people to:

a) Recognize Back Door Selling questions

b) Understand the reason for being asked these questions.

c) How to respond to these questions wittingly


Hence, this concludes the definition of Back Door Selling along with its overview.

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