Business Reply Mail

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Definition: Business Reply Mail

Business reply mail is a useful method of mailing when the sender requests a reply from the recipient. It allows departments to receive replies from the recipients by paying postage on the mail returned. The cost of BRM is the approximate first class postage plus a per piece fee for the pieces returned by recipients.

There is a specific format for a mail to qualify as a BRM. The purchase requisition number is also printed on the BRM mail in order to charge back BRM costs to the appropriate department. Proofs for BRM will be needed by the mailing service provider in order to avoid extra costs incurred by them.

The advantages of a business reply mail are as the following:

• Makes it easy for the recipients to reply because the postage is prepaid

• Pay only for the mail that is returned by the recipients

• Gives recipients the opportunity to give feedbacks

• A secure and and private means of contact between the two parties

The complete list of Business Reply Mail prices is as below:

Basic BRM :- Annual permit fee applies

High Volume BRM :- Annual permit fee plus a BRM annual account maintenance fee for each account at each delivery unit

Basic Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM):- Annual permit fee plus a BRM annual account maintenance fee

High Volume QBRM:- Annual permit fee, a BRM annual account maintenance fee and a separate quarterly fee. Mailers could also pay quarterly fee for any consecutive 3-calendar- month period.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Business Reply Mail along with its overview.


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