Classified Display Advertisement

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Definition: Classified Display Advertisement

It is a method of advertising which is found common in newspapers or any form of online advertising. It is much cheaper than larger display advertisements and are mostly posted by common individuals who wish to sell their single items.

Like different types of printed media, the classified ad has been moving towards the internet. A growing number of sites and companies have started providing specialized classified marketplaces online for the niche market product/services. Sometimes these specialized advertisements provide better & more targeted search capabilities than general search engines.

Newspaper revenue from classified advertisements is dropping continuously as internet classifieds keep on growing. In 2007, classified advertising in some of the newspapers dropped by 14% to 20% in 2007 while traffic to classified internet sites grew by 23%.

There are many websites where the user can book classified ads online by simply clicking on one button. In India, there is a wide variety of newspaper options like “ Times of India”, “Deccan Chronicle”, “The Hindu” etc.


The type of ads can be of matrimonial, recruitment, property, rentals etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Classified Display Advertisement along with its overview.

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