Media Rate

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Definition: Media Rate

Media rates are standard rates for different types of media advertisements like billboards, online ads, newspaper inserts, etc.

Typically rate cards are used by ad agencies for print ads and billboards. Rate cards are documents describing prices and other relevant details for various ad placement options. Other design requirements, policies and deadlines about the engagement will also be mentioned in the rate cards. Based on the publishers the media rate will differ for each channel.


Rate cards aids the consumer understand the ad specifications ,size and placement for print ads and duration and timing for tvc and radio adverts. When selecting a newspaper or print media, rate cards can be used to compare ad rates and estimated impressions based on circulation before buying advertising space. There are specialized advertising agencies provides one stop option for 360 media campaigns including billboards, digital, newspaper and TVCs.

Media rate for one such agency is given in the picture below


In India, the media rate for TV channels during primetime for a 10 sec spot is as high as Rs. 4,50,000. The ad rates are even higher during highly viewed Indian cricket matches and other popular programs. Digital marketing gives an alternative and relatively cheaper option.


• Yahoo homepage takeover = $450,000

• YouTube homepage takeover = $400,000

• Facebook log-out screen ad = $100,000

• Twitter promoted trending topic = $120,000


Hence, this concludes the definition of Media Rate along with its overview.


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