Duplicated Audience

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Definition: Duplicated Audience

Simply put duplicated audience is the number of viewers who consume the same advertisement from more than one medium. For example if an advertisement is viewed by, say 100 people, on television and out of these 100 if 10 watch the same advertisement on Youtube then these 10 are the duplicated audience.

Duplication is generally used when a company a wants to generate a higher response. Companies segment the market and select the most appropriate segment for duplication. This helps the companies in generating a higher response from the target segment. This is useful if the company only wants to sell its product to a specific segment of the market. Examples are of luxury cars whose advertisements are targeted to high SEC people in metros through magazines like Topgear, newpapers like Economic Times, TVCs on English channels etc.

Duplicated audience is not necessary when a company is going for market acquisition as it will cost much more than the final conversion of these duplicated audience to actual consumers of the product.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Duplicated Audience along with its overview.


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