Exclusive Assortment

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Definition: Exclusive Assortment

Exclusive Assortment can be defined as limiting a particular line of services or goods to a particular area or market for purpose of promotion. It is exercised typically by a single manufacturer to specific marketers/ merchandisers or retailers. In this merchandising strategy, a retailer displays the product line of only a single manufacturer. There may be an exclusive arrangement between a manufacturer and a retailer for exclusive assortment of the products.

Another possibility is that the retailer seeks to brand itself in order to become the best location for that particular brand's products. However the chances of any retailer doing that are pretty less because any manufacturer will not permit the sale of its competitors' products by the retailer. This type of business practice is often deemed illegal, as it is an anti-competitive tactic. An exclusive assortment strategy may lead to a retailer having both a shallow assortment and narrow variety of products. The depth of assortment is restricted because only one brand's products for one particular line are carried. The variety of products available is also narrowed if the brand does not make different type of products.

For Example – Let us consider a jewelry retailer who decides to go for exclusive assortment of Samsung products in order to boost sales on the basis of Samsung’s brand equity. In this situation the retailer will not be having the kitchen appliances of whirlpool. As the retailer would not keep any other brand’s product, there will be narrow variety and shallow assortment. This will in turn affect his sale.


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