Comparison Shopper

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Definition: Comparison Shopper

A comparison shopper is someone who is hired by a retail store or a market research firm to visit the stores of different competitors in order to analyse their products or merchandise, services, pricing, quality, styles and various other factors. However, in today’s world of a large number of competitors, the term comparison shoppers is also used to refer to any consumer comparing various brands or products before making a purchase i.e. any consumer who comparison shops is a comparison shopper.

In the former case, companies get to know their competitors better in terms of their value propositions and hence can improve on their own pricing or quality or range etc. In the latter case, there are various comparison shopping engines (CSEs) available in the case of online shopping. Comparison shopping engines are sites which provide comparisons of products from various brands or online shopping websites so that the consumer can make a learned decision in terms of factors like price, discounts, range etc. It is easier for comparison shoppers to shop online than offline because of the presence of CSEs.

Online comparison shoppers have the following advantages:

• More choices and more savings

• Lesser cost because the consumer need not travel around checking different retail stores

• Ease and convenience

Disadvantages faced by online comparison shoppers:

• There might be companies which sponsor the CSEs to show their product on a more favourable note

• Time spent in comparison

Examples of the same are Google, Nextag, in India, etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Comparison Shopper along with its overview.


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