Concept Test

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Definition: Concept Test

Before the introduction of the product in the market, the product idea is tested by the consumers. They are shown the description about the products, its values and attributes and benefits through various computer models ,customer research, mock-up etc. and their responses towards he products are evaluated. The advertising professionals use both qualitative and quantitative methods to carry out the process of concept testing.

• Qualitative: consumer surveys, market research

• Quantitative: field surveys, focus groups, personal interviews. These are mainly conducted by first presenting the product in visual or verbal form and then conducting interviews or discussions to know the intent of the customer in buying the product.

Concept Testing can be applied to each of the below mentioned scenarios:

• Concept Presentation: Before the introduction of the product in the market

• For modifying or upgrading the product

• For decision making in pricing ,promotion of the product

• Needs Assessment-In determining the consumer expectations regarding the product and henceforth modifying the product thereafter



• Very useful method for determining the target audience i.e. the part of the population who have positive attitudes and intentions towards the product and hence are more likely to buy the product

• Assesses the type of product features ,configurations and ideas which are of demand in the market by evaluating what appeals to customers

• Communication with the customers to create awareness about the new product and take their attention

• Gives a clear idea about various other dimensions of the product such as advertising, pricing, promotion etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Concept Test along with its overview.

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