Leading Question

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Definition: Leading Question

Leading Question is the question that is designed such that a person thinks in a certain manner. It is so designed that the respondent is forced on that specific answer.

For example: “What do you think about the sudden change in brand repositioning of the shoe brand?”.

Leading question can

• Contain the answer to the question

• Make the respondent follow a certain direction

• Strike off the unnecessary alternatives

Words are not the only way to lead people. Body movement, emphasis also guides a person in a desired direction.

Though leading questions can be desirable at times, sometimes they are very undesirable. So the primary motive is to use them only when necessary. It dosent necessary reflect the true ature in which the respondent thinks. Hence it should be avoided if possible.

There are various types of leading questions. Some are mentioned below:

• Assumptive Question: uses an assumption

• Linked statements: By drawing a link between the facts that has been stated previously by the person who is asking

• Implication Question: Questions asking the implication of a certain event. The event may be a past event or the person may be asking the cause and effect of an unknown scenario

• Ask for Agreement: Asks for agreement on a certain subject

• Tag Questions: Questions that are tagged at the end of statements like “Don’t you?”

• Coercive Questions: Questions that force certain specific answers


Hence, this concludes the definition of Leading Question along with its overview.


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