Trade Show

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Definition: Trade Show

A trade show is an exhibition for companies to showcase their products. A trade show is called by various names like Trade Fair, Trade Exhibition or Expo. The major purpose of the trade show is to display and demonstrate your products and services. The secondary purpose is also to keep a track of industry trends and keep abreast with what the competitors are doing. Trade shows are a good way for businesses to get in touch with each other and the overall market environment and hence explore opportunities.

Trade shows are held for 2-3 days (more or less) and are a periodic phenomenon i.e. they’re held for 2-3 days every year at around the same dates. Trade shows can be of two types:

1. Public

2. Trade Only


Public Trade Show: A trade show that is open to general public, along with business owners/representative and press.

Trade Only Trade Show: A trade show that is open only to business owners/ representatives and press.

There can also be several trade shows that combine the two types and open for a few days as Trade Only and then open to the entire public.

For example, the Frankfurt Book Fair is like a hybrid trade show. Out of the five days that it is open for, it functions as trade-only for the first three days after opening and then opens to the public for the next two days.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Trade Show along with its overview.


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