Eat Your Own Dog Food

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Definition: Eat Your Own Dog Food

Eating one’s own dog food refers to the act of a company using its own products for its internal operations, used for software companies generally. The term is believed to have originated from Microsoft in the 1980s. It is also referred to as ‘dogfooding’.

The idea of dogfooding is that if a company expects its customers to buy its products, it should use them as well. The act of using a company’s own products for its internal projects shows confidence in itself and also boosts employee morale. If a company uses its rival’s products, it not only reduces employee confidence in the company but also leads to an issue with public relations because it indirectly shows that their products are not of good quality. Hence dogfooding is an act of testimonial advertising. One more advantage of this is that employees test their products in real life scenarios and hence would fix bugs if any, thus leading to an improvement in the products before launching it for the consumers. Apart from fixing bugs, the user interface of the product also can be improved.

Hence, the benefits of eating one’s own dog food are:

• Good marketing tool

• Bugs can be fixed

• User interface can be improved

• Boosts employee confidence in the firm

• Signals to the consumers that the products are of good quality

• It is a form of testimonial advertising

Examples of companies following this practice are Apple and Microsoft. When they have a new product to be launched, these firms make their employees use the product so that they can be improved on different aspects.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Eat Your Own Dog Food along with its overview.

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