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Definition: Image

An image is a recording or representation of a person, structure or a thing. Images in marketing are used extensively these days. Advertising of products shown on newspapers, magazines, or other print media rely extensively on images to grab a consumer’s attention. It is a proved fact that images are able to attract and retain in consumers memory more strongly than the words used to advertise those. Images are able to grab the details of what the advertiser wants to say if portrayed properly.


Images are one of the factors which influence significantly in the print media. In electronic media (like TVs, internet, etc.) videos form a major part of advertising. Though images are an integral part of it, videos are able to retain their mark on consumer’s memory. The rise of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. could be attributed to their use of images efficiently. Thus, it becomes imperative on the part of marketing professionals to choose the right kind of image to convey the right message efficiently.


How should businesses use images effectively in order to increase their business? There are several ways by which a business can do that. One of the ways is to follow the following steps: requirement, evaluation, message clarity, consistency and feedback. A through requirement analysis should be done as to whom the image is intended to target. Then after the requirement is done evaluation of the requirement should be carried out several times. The evaluation can be done by having interactions with several people, consulting organisations etc. After evaluation is done one should start forming the image and should see to it that the message clarity and consistency is maintained in it. The image so formed can go wrong despite of following the above processes. Hence, one should monitor the feedbacks generated because of the image so generated and displayed.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Image along with its overview.


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