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Definition: Norms

A norm is a very subjective term and is interpreted differently by different individuals. It can be seen as a rule to which a person, group, entity, organisations or society adheres to. These are the collective expectations of a group or an entity that they expect an individual or a group to adhere to. Norms have a legal connotation as well. There are certain norms which are enforced legally which can be termed into social norms. Though all social norms may not be subject to legality.


In marketing context, there are certain norms to which the companies adhere to. While considering marketing norms there comes into consideration the ethical and moral dimensions to it. For instance, almost every company advertises its products. Now while showing these advertisements the company must adhere to some norms i.e. the company should not be making false claims of their products. Though the extent to which the company can go to showcase their product and divert from their utility is subject to the norms prevalent in the industry (as is the case with cold drink advertisements).


There are certain benefits associated with the marketing norms prevalent in the society. It allows companies to stay within the ambit of ethicality and morality. It makes the companies restrict their campaigns within the norms and do not advertise what is beyond the norms. The same can turn into a liability when it comes to new innovative approach to showcase their product. The companies can be held back by the prevalent norms and pressures from the society to showcase their product. Hence, while the norms keep the companies in check but the norms need to be challenged from time to time so that innovation and creativity can be encouraged.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Norms along with its overview.

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