Product Benefits Advertising

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Definition: Product Benefits Advertising

This type of advertising aims at showing how the product directly or indirectly satisfies the customer’s needs through benefits it offer. It is usually targeted towards the desired or potential customer who is eventually going to use the product.

For example, if a person has sensitive teeth and is extremely worried and inconvenienced by it then he would seek several remedies to it. Now, in such a situation if a toothpaste comes up with the removal of sensitivity from the tooth and advertises the product to those specific customers, then the toothpaste company is directing their campaigns towards those customers. This is product benefits advertising.


Companies these days are switching largely towards this type of advertising. The customers have become aware and cannot easily be taken for a ride. The manufacturing companies have realised this and are targeting their campaigns to fulfil the actual needs and wants of the customers.


There are several benefits which can be sought by the customers and the company can fulfil it. A customer can be in real pain because of his bad health. So the companies can make a product which can help the customer get out of this. Also, the benefits sought can be emotional and mental as well. A luxury car which is a status symbol can satisfy the customer needs. The company can advertise how their product can satisfy these needs of the customer. The companies can indulge into product benefits advertising to attract customers. There are many advantages of doing this type of advertising like gaining credibility in the market, increase in sales, gaining brand image etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Benefits Advertising along with its overview.

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