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Definition: Caption

A caption usually refers to the title of an article or explanation for a picture or illustration, especially in a magazine. However, in today’s marketing space, brand captions are the cause of the buzz. A caption in this case is a variant of a branding slogan, which is typically used in the promotion and marketing of brands or products (like films). The idea is to create an impressive phrase that encapsulates the tone and premise of the brand/product, or reinforces the audience's memory of it.

Famous examples of brand captions are:

• McDonald’s – I’m lovin’ it

• KFC – It’s finger lickin’ good!

• Nike – Just do it.

• Adidas – Impossible is nothing.


A good brand caption should be simple, in that it should be easily understood by the audience and competitors. It should also be clear and consistent with the overall brand image. Companies should ensure that once a unique caption is created for a brand, it is communicated effectively to the target audience, in order to improve the brand’s visibility.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Caption along with its overview.


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