Marketing Sample

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Definition: Marketing Sample

Marketing Sample is a group which is selected as a representative of the entire true population to conduct a study using any experiment. Generally the objective is to determine how the true population will respond to any new offering by initially experimenting with a sample which is a representation of the target population. Marketing Sample is extensively used while conducting market research. It is nearly impossible to study the entire market so an appropriate marketing sample is designed to conduct the study on. A marketing sample should be selected carefully so that it represents the true population appropriately and is also free from any bias and prejudices.

The major characteristics of Marketing Sample are -

Sample Distribution: Measuring and organizing the response of a sample by frequency.

Sample Population: The population from which a sample is taken.

Sample Size: The number of units in a sample.

Sample Space: A set encompassing all possible results for the particular experiment.

Sampling Fraction: The ratio of sample size to the population size.

Sampling Frame: A frame defining the qualification parameters for a sample.

Sampling Interval: The interval or value which is used to extract a random sample.

Sampling Unit: Qualified and available units for the sampling process.

Sampling: In general terms, is a process of using a representative sample to conduct a study and the results obtained are then inferred upon the true population.

There are various types of sampling technique. The most popular ones are –

Cluster Sampling, Convenience Sampling, Judgement Sampling, Quota Sampling, Simply Random Sampling, Systematic Sampling.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Sample along with its overview.

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