Point of Sale Method

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Definition: Point of Sale Method

Point of Sale method involves all the marketing efforts at the point of purchase which aim to increase the sales by stimulating impulse buying. We generally observe it near the cash register or payment point in various retails shops, shopping malls and other shops as well. Small ticket size items are placed which encourage the impulse buying nature of the consumers. It is a common observation that consumers have to stand in queue at the billing counters and wait for their turn.

While they are waiting for their turn, their look at the nearby areas and it provides an excellent opportunity for marketers to grab their attention. A number of small ticket purchases are placed like chocolates, magazines and some small home items. Any customer would like to check out a magazine instead of watching the back of customer standing right in front in the queue. By the time the turn arrives it is quite probable that magazine would look like a good buy and will be bought along with other items picked up before joining the queue. Apart from the time spent in queue, the unavailability of small denomination currency or loose change also promotes point of sale purchases.

This is one of the primary reason low ticket size items are placed at point of sale. These are low involvement buying decision which are taken quickly on the spot by looking at the items available at point of sale and finishing the billing process as soon as possible. It is a very effective technique which is employed by grocery stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants and a many more businesses. One should carefully plan its point of sale inventory and chose items wisely according to the customer profile they normally get and also according to the type of store.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Point of Sale Method along with its overview.

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