Leave Behind

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Definition: Leave Behind

It is some kind of printed material which can be left with a new or an old customer. This helps a company when it is not online in order to create a lasting impression. Such an impression helps the company to be present in the client’s minds and it eventually leads to a sale. There are many types of leave behind pieces available.

One of them can be quarterly calendars which are mailed or dropped at the customer’s house at the beginning of the quarter or year. These calendars are well known because they fit in the desk easily or hanged in the wall easily.


These features below must be kept in mind while designing leave behind pieces:

a) It must be consistent with our brand

Everything should have the brand name on it. This includes the website, logo, business cards, brochures and post cards. To increase the brand awareness, the logo must appear in the pieces. The leave behind pieces must not look home-made and it must look professional and well made in order to have a good brand image in our customers’ minds.


b) The pieces should be easy for your clients to keep

The most efficient leave behind pieces are those the customers can keep it around and remember. It should be of high quality and size shouldn’t be too big that it cannot be kept around. The material should be valuable and must add some benefit and purpose to the life of the customer.


c) Showcasing the best work

The leave behind piece must have the best works of the company shown properly and clearly. This would make a good impression on the prospective client.


d) Making it easy to contact you

The contact information should always be included in the leave behind pieces. The website, email, phone number or address etc. We can also include the facebook / twitter page information in it.


The leave behind pieces should be easy for the clients to remember you and the company.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Leave Behind along with its overview.


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