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Definition: Merchandisers

Merchandisers are marketing individuals in a company who ensure a good visibility of their products in retail stores or on online platforms, which can be seen by prospective customers and can entice them into a purchase.

Merchandising is the practice which leads to the sale of products to a retail consumer. 

Visual Display Merchandising is a technique of sales using visual display like design, colors, packaging etc, seeing which a customer is attracted to make a purchase. Discounts and offers also lure a customer into buying the products.

Merchandisers work is to decide which products to stock and where to display it. In large retail companies, merchandisers may be responsible for a particular range of products. On the other hand, for small retail companies they may be responsible for both buying and merchandising. They are used to predict trends/ fashions and suggest which products are more likely to be appealing to customers. They analyze sale reports, targets and profit margins. They also visit suppliers/ manufacturers to select goods. They try to finish all the paperwork like deciding on the price, delivery time etc. and keep contact with the suppliers so that the goods arrive on time.

Sometimes they travel to different stores to discuss how the stock is selling and then handle sales statistics, sales projections in the form of spreadsheets and graphs.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Merchandisers along with its overview.


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