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Definition: Opt In

Opt in is a term that refers to someone’s permission or willingness to receive promotional emails or advertisements or newsletters. If the customer doesn’t want to receive the promotional letters, the mail will go into his or her spam folder or won’t be sent. This term is normally used in reference to mails and advertising which is done through bulk mails.

Opt-in emails are sent only to people who request for them. Usually, when a person signs up in a new website, there is a check box available for the customer to decide if he wants to receive their promotional information like discounts, offers or their newsletters etc. If the user checks this box, he is going to be a part of the bulk mailing list which is used to send these emails; otherwise, he won’t receive them.

These days opt-in mails are becoming personalised and have information or offers that are specifically targeted to the user based on his or her interests which is based on their history with the site. Often emails also have an option to opt-out in the email itself, so that the customer can choose to not receive any further mails if he doesn’t want to, for any reason. Opt in emails are generally used as a form of direct marketing.

Examples of opt-in emails are promotional offers sent by e-commerce websites, airlines websites for offers etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Opt In along with its overview.

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