Marketing Theme

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Definition: Marketing Theme

The marketing idea with the maximum appeal to the target audience is referred to as the marketing theme. It may be a product feature or a product benefit or may even be a message which appeals to the target market segment. This theme is usually built with its focus on the specific needs of the customers. The theme must cater to the needs of the customers and hence must be designed in the specific manner. The theme must clarify them what is the exact benefit which the business is offering and the competitors cant offer .

Some steps involved for crafting a marketing theme are:

• The target market needs to be defined. For this the geographic market needs to be specified, the demographics of the target customers needs to be known, their needs and interests should also be known

• The needs of the typical target audience must be known.

• Company differentiation from customers.

• Decide a theme that communicates the needs of the customer most effectively

Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Theme along with its overview.

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