Open Rate

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Definition: Open Rate

Emails are of no use if the person concerned does not open it and get the message. Open rate comes in this context. In e-mail marketing, the open rate is the number of people who opened the e-mail message. The open rate is a percentage of the total number of e-mails sent.

Email open rate= No of email messages opened/ No of email messages sent

Open rate helps to determine the number of interested customers . A special image known as the tracking pixel is used to determine open rate. The opening of the special image determines the open rate. Open rates have decreased in recent years because many clients have disabled the automatic loading of images. Hence open rate is no longer considered a valid method of determination of the success of the receiving of email messages. There are controversial views about its usefulness.

The primary reasons for the decrease in open rates are:

• Blocking of images-Unless images are enabled, open will not be triggered.

• List fatigue- Customers are flooded with emails. So there is increasing competition in inbox for both time and attention of the client.

• Use of handheld devices for email-Newer devices which are HTML enabled have come to use

Agriculture and transportation are some sectors which have a large open rate. Entertainment, banking and medical are some sectors with a lower open rate.

Open rates are also valid in case of physical mail.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Open Rate along with its overview.

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