Share of Audience

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Definition: Share of Audience

The share of the audience can be defined as the percentage of television or radio sets tuned to a particular channel or station during a given period of time. It is generally used to gauge the popularity of any television or radio program or to find out the popularity of individual station/channel.

Share of audience formula:


In marketing parlance, we are concerned with the share of audience that our radio or television advertisement has. So we are generally concerned with that segment of the group of people who could receive our advertising message, or who are our target group, and those who actually receive our message. Nielsen ratings are a very good source of calculating the audience rating electronically. There are magazine publishers who calculate it using direct-mail survey or personal, telephone.

For example, Business xyz sends a survey form to 5000 business professional asking do they read business magazines which business magazines they prefer to read and also the frequency with which they read them. If 2500 of them respond by saying they do read, and only 500 of those say that they read Business xyz, then Business xyz has a audience share of 500/2500 (20) or 500/5000 (10), with respect to the definition of audience.


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