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Definition: Circulation

It is defined as the number of copies which is distributed of a particular print medium like newspaper, magazine, periodicals etc. This is one of the parameters on which a marketer decides to go for advertising in these newspapers, magazines etc. The data is readily available with the agencies about the number of copies distributed, areas of circulation, readership and the demographics of the readers. Marketers can have choose and target only the mediums which will result in maximum viewership of the advertisement.

Let’s take an example of this. Suppose a company like Unilever wants to launch a new product in the market, it starts with a pilot testing in a particular area or state to get the response before launching it nationwide. So if it decides to test the product in Tamilnadu the advertisements, posters etc will only be printed in Tamil newspapers and magazines based on the circulation, the number of copies that the newspaper circulates and the areas which are targeted, and not in all the newspapers for all the regions. Thus the company will save on unwanted and ill-targeted advertisements.

Over a period of time the company builds a database of its own through these advertisements and may utilize them in future. They keep refreshing the creatives to generate more buzz. But the most important aspect is the cost saving and more business through targeted marketing.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Circulation along with its overview.


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