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Definition: Exposition

Exposition which is commonly known as Expo in colloquial terms, is basically a small focused meeting of organisation or groups who pursue similar interests. These expositions are gathering of a few manufacturers who showcase and demonstrate their product. Expositions are the platform where manufacturers introduce a prototype or a fully developed product where the different values of the product. Expositions range from Automobile, to cell phones, from video games to search engines. Even cartoon and superheroes convention are arranged.

Exposition marketing is basically an organized large scale interaction of potential buyers of similar product or services. This provides the seller an excellent opportunity to communicate the value offerings to the potential and existing consumers. The sellers and customers are provided a unique opportunity for many sellers to meet, interact, network and check out the products of the same businesses in the industry.

For example, SMX: the search marketing expo series is a famous exposition which is the world’s leading search engine marketing conference.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Exposition along with its overview.


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